am I being ripped off on hospital bill?

Dave Asked: am I being ripped off on hospital bill?

I had an emergency room visit due to an allergic reaction to a new medicine I was put on. Basically it just freaked me out. Instead of calming me down it made my heart race and bought on my first and only "panic attack".I was in the emergency room for about 3 hours. I never made it to a room or bed. I received no food or even medication. My bill came today for $4843.11. The bill isn't even itemized. just a total. I've since requested an itemized bill. Beacause I had no insurance these jokers transfered me to another facility which also transfered me to a third hospital due to my having no insurance. I'm sure I will soon receive a bill from the 2nd hospital that the first one sent me to. They would have to know I wouldn't be admitted there due to no insurance. I feel like the hat has been passed around for anyone to profit on. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Queen B Answered:
I have no money anyway so I doubt it will affect me much

People have been saying that for the past 30 years.

Smoking Joe Answered:
It already happened, in 2001-4 when Bush crashed the value of the dollar by ONE HALF against the Euro, through his idiotic tax cuts that changed the budget surplus into the budget deficit.

Crushing Lib Lies One At a Time Answered:
It's coming soon, sadly most people don't realize it. We spend more money than we bring in. This country is getting itself into deepshit, and it looks like we won't be able to get out of this one

tribecabelle Answered:
You cons told us to be ready for that three years ago.You also told us to be ready for hyperinflation.You sound a little hysterical actually since the predictions are not realistic.

We are in recovery from a deep recession and your hysteria is not helping the country any.

Guru Hank Answered:
If you state that the currency has been devalued by 95%, you have to explain what it has been devalued against, and what time frame you are talking about.Otherwise the figure is meaningless.You could certainly benefit to some extent from devaluing the dollar, that would bring down your debts, but would also knock a dent in people's savings.It would be good for your exporters and the domestic market would benefit as it became more competitive with foreign produce.

Personally, I am still trusting in Gold.

Ms Einstein Answered:
Exactly when is that going to happen?See, I just happen to have my calender out, and I was gonna mark the day so I'd know when to stock up on Spam and baseball bats.

Green Answered:
The paranoid nutters have been saying it would have happened 4 years ago, they are still screaming end of the world situations, but most of us just shrug our shoulders and get on with life.

I predict, we will be doing just as well 20 years from now, as we always have been.If anything, life will be better for a lot of us do to innovation.You go ahead and crawl into your shelter, and rave like a mad man.

Joe Answered:
Ready and waiting with silver, guns and ammo, water and food.

I'm not particularly worried about NDAA (although its despicable and outrageous) or ECEA. Our detention facilities can, at their maximum, hold less than 5% of the population.

NDRP has been around for decades.

Northcom, and the entire US military for that matter, is not strong enough to stop a full-fledged uprising on US soil.

It's FEMA's JOB to have food and water stored, just FYI.

USCCAP is not something worth worrying about.

UDC is an obvious response to the cyber war China's been waging against us for the past few years.

FB&GIA are both outrageous, and are expected to fall under the barrage of lawsuits under way.

Patriot act, DHS and TSA are going to take several years/administrations to be cut down, but its something to work on.

As you said, SOPA and PIPA were defeated, and spreading awareness about CISPA is the best way to defeat it.

Phineas Gage Answered:
Is your underground bunker ready?Are you stocked up on food and ammo?Because you know damn well when the dollar crashes and the US gov't is bankrupt, they'll have no way to pay employees, which means no FBI, no military, and no police. Rampant crime and violence will follow! People shooting and robbing each other left and right for a scrap of food. It will be total chaos and anarchy!The dead rising and walking in the streets! Dogs and cats living together!OMG!It will be the end of the world!!!Quick, where's my tinfoil hat?Yeah sure the last dozen end-of-the-world predictions didn't come true but I have FAITH that this one will.Yeah, I have faith, and you can't question faith, now can you?I bet the world will end in Dec 2012.OMG, the Mayans predicted the collapse of the US gov't a long time ago!Amazing!

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