Can we survive……?

Geo Asked: Can we survive……?

Man has destroyed much of the planet already and continues to deforest and pollute. It must have an effect. We need radical change if there's any chance of surviving, as a species, and as a planet.

The climate change, and potential dangers of global warming are definitely being marginalized and undermined by government, politicians, media, and society as a whole. We should all now as a society and as a planet be preparing for disaster. We should be building complexes and bunkers so that we can all survive if things get bad, and developing technologies and defenses to aid in our survival.

I fear when the proverbial **** hits the fan, the rich, the politicians etc. will all be whisked away to some bunker, while the majority of people will be left to fend for themselves.


Herman Cain Answered:
No I think we're doomed. Al Gore tried to warn us. It's almost too late now to fix things.

Atmospheric Pressure Answered:
Yep, i think i saw that movie.

Realist Answered:
what the #$%^ are you talking about?man made global warming is a humans affect the planet? well sure, but its negligible.
The same 'global warming' that is occurring on earth is also happening on mars.What do mars and earth have in common?Humans?Pollution? Cow farts?GW Bush?No…its called the SUN and its effing hot.

fangtaiyang Answered:
Perhaps it is time to become one of the influential people so that when disaster strikes , you will have somewhere to go

LadySable Answered:
The only bit of truth to your rant is that the rich & politicians will be protected.However, if you believe in God and have accepted Jesus as your savior – you have no need to worry.

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