I dont understand some republicans?

Asked: I dont understand some republicans?

I am seeing more and more people going out and buying survival food and gear, building bunkers and buying items to barter with for when the economy collapses. All of them being republicans. I understand they are concerned about the governments spending but how exactly to they expect our economy to totally collapse under Obama? What should I be looking out for? Is it time to prepair?


Republicans are completely and totally insane.

It's prepare not prepair. The banks will default. What money you have will be worth nothing. There will be nothing to barter with. There will be no food or water. This is all prophesied in the Bible and WILL come to pass.

It's not just republicans preparing. I think it's becauseof the attitudes of everyone. Hispanics are being allowed to freely cross the borders because so many of them hate blacks and blacks hate them. Both of those groups hate the whites and we are probably looking at a situation like over in the middle east. The democrats keep pushing the race card and stirring up hate.I'm afraid it's going to get ugly . And no, I'm not a republican. It's sad really, but i intend to go down fighting if I have to.

Obama's spending is causing him to tax business owners more, which is leading them to go bankrupt, that is why Romney wants to cut tax raises on the rich, they do better and so does their business, enabling more jobs to be created, Obamacare and his welfare plan are causing small businesses to go bankrupt, this is leading to the collapse of the economy

Republicans are not completely and totally insane as one responder has said, and saying that demonstrates stereotyping…which is something Liberals are supposed be against…right?

But there is a fringe element in any society, on the left, on the right, maybe even right down the middle, and some of these people buy into worst case scenarios.Others just believe in being prepared to the ultimate.This is NOT a new phenomenon, either, by the way.The same thing was going on in the late 1970s when Conservatives were convinced Jimmy Carter was destroying the economy, and during the early 1980s when Liberals (that's right, Liberals were big Survivalists then) were convinced Ronald Reagan was going to start WWIII.

i can they went insane

Nah they just can't take a loss

I have been storing food my entire life…I am a Republican, I am also a Mormon, we have been following that practice for YEARS, and for many reasons.
1. There are prophesies that before Christ's return the world will become increasingly difficult to live in, famines, financial collapse is suspected, more frequent natural disasters, and of course epidemics.
If any of these happens you'd be grateful for the food in your pantry.Even if there is food to be had, you can't get it if you are quarantined.
I live in a fairly remote area, if an earthquake or fire closes any highway leading into our area, food is not to be had, everything here is trucked in.When fires have closed those highways in the past, trust me I was glad my garage was stocked with canned goods.Hungry kids = cranky kids!
Financial collapse because our government keeps borrowing money from other countries, what if they "call the loan"? And it doesn't have to be under Obama, it could be under any president, its just that unemployment is sky rocketing, Obama is increasing taxes which slows the economy, and still spending money like we are Warren Buffett!
2.It's also just security.My dad lost his job when I was younger, the food we had stored away was beneficial.
3.It's cheaper to buy in bulk.I have 5 kids, when pasta goes on sale for 50 cents a pound I buy 100 pounds, so the food is stored, but I also saved over $100, which pays for my kids shoes for the school year.
Anyway, that's my take on it.

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