I’m putting together a survival kit?

Warm Karil Asked: I’m putting together a survival kit?

I have the basics:
Survival knife
Water filter
Easily moveable cooking stove.
15 watt solar panel
Survival seed vault around 30 seeds + an additional 80 from stores i've visited.
Mayday 4 person deluxe emergency survival kit. (Note: I only need it for me so that will be even better)
Blade sharpener
6 day emergency water supply
Quakehold! 70280 Grab-'n-Go Emergency Kit, 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack
Emergency Shelter Tent, Reflective Tube Tent, Cold Weather Emergency Shelter, Emergency Zone Brand
Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10)
Waterproof matches (box of 100)
Emergency fire starter
4 datrex 3600 calorie bars
Do I have everything I would need in case a period of martial law erupted an I needed to escape the country/survive on food and hunt my game, plant the seeds etc? Anything i'm missing?


Aaron Answered:
No rifle?Firearm?Bullets?Crossbow?Arrows?2-way HAM radio?CB radio?

What about a toothbrush?

I'd suggest you go to some of these survival forums that exist out there… there are some real anti-government folks out here that are pros at this.Ask them what *they* pack.

And go camping for a week.You'll find out what you need very quickly.

bling dout Answered:
In the hopefully unlikely scenario that does happen, yes you are missing enough water to keep those seeds growing, and it's a rather weird one to boot. To assume planting and growing food is an extended circumstance, and ties you down to a single location. Thats a bad move. And you cant hunt game with just a knife, trust me you are not fast enough to. Think this through a little bit more man.

Ravenfire Answered:
If u have birch bark in your area that would be good to have, some rope and string, something u can use for a snare,maybe some flares just in case u get stuck in the woods and u need to signal to a plane or whatever, and a blanket/sleeping bag

Small, powerful sidearm.Minimum .38 special caliber. Prefer 4-inch barrelled 357 magnum.Stainless.If you have all these supplies, anybody in a more desparate situation will try to take them away from you.You wanna survive , right?Defend your stash.And since you have a firearm, whatever you need, but don't have, can be "negotiated".

BillyGoat Answered:
You forgot your common sense and survival knowledge. What are you gonna do when all that crap runs out? Have you ever killed and cooked game in the field? Your best bet is to read "When all Hell breaks loose!" Or "98.6" by Cody Lundin. Another good book is the "SAS Survival Guide" to help you learn how to make shelters and traps. Good luck Sir!

ironcrossshamrock Answered:
Lights.A self-charging light is a good thing.Something like a crank type flashlight.
Rope.50 foot of high strength rope, 200 foot of 550 cord.
Fishing tackle.A few small hooks, 50 foot of kevlar line on a sewing bobbin and some weights in a pill bottle.
Radio.Again, a crank style am/fm/shortwave receiver is a good thing.Keep informed!
Waterproof notepad and pen.To take or leave notes.
A 10×12 foot camo tarp.Your tent is NOT really waterproof.
A high quality multi-tool is always needed.
A folding saw beats the hell out of using a knife to chop wood to the length you need.
Money…small bills, rolls of change.Your choice about silver/gold.If you choose to stock up on these, avoid mint coins, bullion, and such.Take junk gold/silver and small usable denomination coins. ie…silver dimes/quarters
You need a firearm.Anything in .22lr caliber is good.Preferably a autoloading pistol and rifle.Keep them small and neat as weight is a huge factor. 500 rounds is good.Forget the battle rifles, sniper rifles and massive artillery.You won't really need it.
You need a lot of OTC meds, benedryl, stuff for diarrhea, ibuprofen are critical, as well as a good supply of basic first aid supplies.Build your kit, don't try to buy.You neverget your money's worth. If you are not trained in FA, include a really good FA manual.
I highly suggest an Esbit stove and fuel.Perfect for survival.

Bethany Answered:
If it is the end of the world survival gear/food etc. won't help but you had better read what the mayan decedents say about it.
According to them it is the start of a new era/cycle not the end of the world. I know it is on google so look it up. Besides if you are a Christian wouldn't that mean that you are believing in a pagan prophesy which means you are going against YOUR GOD's laws? Just saying…

Teawitch Answered:
The end of the Mayan Calendar is the start of the day of Tribulations as Jesus had prophesied.If will be the unmasking of the antiChrist, the 2nd half of his 7 year rule.Then, there will be another 7 year preparation for the 1000 year rule of Christ Jesus, the cleansing of all the religions that the antiChrist had promoted.Of course, the end of the Mayan Calendar is also the day of rapture of the Church of the Body of Christ, to place them in safe haven while the wrath of Yahweh will be upon the earth of 1260 days.By June 2, 2016, Christ Jesus will come back with his Body of believers to end the War of Tribulations and save Israel from destruction from Muslims attack and the antiChrist.

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