is this all i need? really?

David Asked: is this all i need? really?

A friend and I have been planning this for a few years now, we have everything we need, *well we think we do* We need to know if there is anything we need to add to the list.
There's going to be four of us. Were going to Michigan to camp in the wilderness for a year. That's right, a year. One of us is a medic from the marines for over 6 years. *retired* the other has done this before so i think we can cover that we have a couple of guys that know what there doing.
Here is our list, please tell us if there's more things we need to add, We are leaving in a few days.

1 tent made for ten
1 canopy
1 canopy triangle, to cover wood
4 cots, sleeping pads, pillows, weather blankets mosquito nets for over the cots, ponchos
1 camp grill, coffee pot maker, 4 man cook set, camp dutch oven, dutch over tripod, campers griddle, rotisserie spit grill, portable sinks with dinning set, cast iron campers grill, <no propane, all wood use)
2 machetes, 2 axes, 4 8" jungle knives, *all have handguns for protection- with ammo*
2 10 gallon beverage cooler,
2 70 quart cooler
1 150 quart cooler
2 hammocks – 2 sets of hammock straps
1 privacy shelter with 5 gallon campers shower, portable toilet,
4 emergency blankets
4 water emergency treatments, 400 tablets total
4 duffel bags
2 compass's
2 trifold shovels
3 pack of dry sacks
2 magnesium sticks
4 canteens, rain coats
2 emergency survival kit
4 first aid kits
1 emergency preparedness kit
10 sand bags, 10 pack = 40 bags
4 fold-able chairs, stools, hiking backpacks, hydration backpacks,
1 prep-station, *made for cooking area but using it to store thing in tent
1 portable trash cans,
1 fold-able picnic table with benches
4 bows, and 5000 arrows.
4 fishing pools
1 fishermen kit, and cutting board with two knives. for the fish.
1 emergency radio, to call for help, and for weather.
4 flash lights, and 500 batteries,
15 lanterns, all gas, not LCD
tooth brushes, 25 toothpastes, 50 floss packs.
box of 100 bars of soap, natural and safe for rivers.
25 boxes of M.R.E's <368 meals total)
about 800 rolls of toilet paper.
4 winter coats, and snow shoes, winter boots and gloves, hats, and face guards for frost. <winter)

well thats about that, Anything we need to add on our list? we do not plane on moving around srom site to site, we are goin to be stationed in one camp site for the year, we already have talked to the DNR in the area, they told us where we can go for this kind of camping. DNR will check up on us once a week they said. they know that we are on are way. and they said what we can haunt for and when, we have our hunting license's and we have money saved for the tags for hunting, They said that they will drop them off when there ready for use and we can pay for them, so we dont have to go into town. We want to stay into the wilderness with out going into town for anything.
so did you think of anything?


im the cookie Answered:
an acoustic guitar for entertainment?
you're in the wrong section dude… have fun though!

UNIQE R Answered:
I'm concerned about 1 tent for a year…you don't know what the weather conditions will consist of..also your eating utensils would double up on that..and only four poles?? Questionable it's things out there that can snap a pole….i would double on the duffles too…and a few other things…Cause wear and tare will occur as you will use these items on a daily bases…GOOD LUCK… and hit the shooting range before going…because having a gun and not being able to use it is useless in the moment of panic…But hopefully you wouldn't need to but you never know…Bring salt, just for generalpurposes…it eats thru snow, camcorder just encase, more flash lights do to weather they might corrode or something…you never know, also another grill…cause cooking on it everyday will..wear it out at the bottom….just double triple check your supplies and bring cold medicine and plenty of chapsticks….

NDMA Answered:
no its proof that evolution exists, if god created the earth he should have known how f*@ked up it would become. he stuffed up big time by creating us humans, all animals can co-exist happily except us humans so why create us???

No Chance Without House Answered:
right. following the same twisted ''reason and logic'' that you use – why do you believe legs could evolve, for example? take away bones from it – could you walk? take away feet, take away skin.

you are an idiot that does not understand evolution and has no idea what reason and logic are. congrats!

and quoting darwin as the bearer of the ultimate truth about evolution is same you religious creeps always do – rely on something as old as possible, thinking the first one who said it has all the truth and answers. you are morons basically.

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