Question about water storage?

Asked: Question about water storage?

So everywhere I look, I seem to get a different answer.Does anyone out there know how long you can REALLY store water?I have seen 6 months to a year, and a 2-3 years, all the way up to indefinitely!

I want to start storing water in case of an emergency but if my water goes rancid and I don't know about it then it probably won't help save me at all!HELP PLEASE!!

Thanks everyone!


if you are not treating the water, top end is 60 days- but only if it and the container were both clean.
if you are treating the water- it can hold for up to 3 years with regular treatments.

More things to consider.

Water quality to be stored
Type of storage container

No. I want a world where we dont have to worry about this!

It is, sadly, necessary. I do feel that the children at our school are well prepared for emergencies. Our school does have an outside door for each classroom. All exterior doors to the school can only be opened from the inside. There are surveillance cameras at every entrance and all corners of the building. The school runs drills several times throughout the year evacuation drills utilizing different exits and meeting places and lockdown drills at different levels. The children know exactly which drill practices for what type of emergency. (Think about that!) No student is to ever be outside of the classroom alone.

It disturbs me and I worry that the children will never feel safe, but considering that the alternative is not being prepared

I agree with Faith. This tragic, but it isn't the first time it's happened. People frequently ask 'what's our world coming to' during events like these, but the fact is it's not new.

My daughter isn't currently in school, but while I was in school I felt as safe as I could. They were getting better at locking down entrances, but if students can find a way out, people can find a way in.

It wouldn't be realistic to lock the doors, what about bathroom breaks, recess, etc? The middle school in our town is completely locked down, but you push a button and you're let in no questions asked.

It's easy to say lets do this and that, but if someone wants to do something, they'll find a way.

For the most part, schools have a good security and escape plan.But newsflash!People can't outrun bullets!

Today's situation had so many different nuances.The 24 yr old was the son of a teacher, and with that probably familiar with the school officials and never crossed their minds that he had problems.But guess who did most likely know and neglected to inform them that if he came, he was under no circumstance allowed to enter?Why should an entire society have to reform?The school, the children, the victims, the innocent parents…and I could go on…should not have had to go through this.

Shooting up schools is not a sign that school is failing.Its society, and society is made up of people.Next we will be doing the same at mall, restaurants and every other place we can think of.

This does not solve the issue.

Then these madmen would break the windows. I say Ban Guns. Outlaw them altogether, so what you avid hunters can't go hunting. find another sport if you have to do something, if you are killing the animals for meat because that's your only source of food, use a bow and arrow, that take skill and also gives the animal a fair chance. but lets get rid of guns.

I don't know.Are you gonna push for better security and escape plans at your movie theatres in light of the shooting at the Batman screening last summer?And what about your restaurants?And bowling alleys, and shopping malls?

It's not about the schools.It's about the guns.Why do you not get that yet?

Or they could just change America's gun laws.

I'll be honest, I'm trying to keep my unreasonable side in check today and not go withdraw my children from their public school right now.My kids' school has about the best security one could hope for.The only entrance that is unlocked during the day is the front one and it leads right into the office, where you have to show an ID to get through and wear a visitor's tag while you're in the building.It's a single-story building and the windows have locks on the inside, so if an evacuation is in order, every room has a potential exit.A police officer guards each entrance to the school.Purses and handbags are not allowed, and the kids have clear backpacks and cubbies instead of lockers with doors.

The hardest thing for me is knowing that the schools where these shootings happen likely had the same measures of protection.Realistically, I don't want my kids to live in fear, and I don't want them to go to school and be treated like they're in prison because of security measures that may or may not be effective.So, I just remind myself of how many schools there are where this kind of thing DOESN'T happen, and say a prayer of protection over them as they start each new school day.

Your solution would be impractical for most schools.Do you honestly think, for the rare occasions that this occurs, that creating a jail like setting for all is going to be conducive to feelings of safety? It actually does the opposite.Children become more anxious and less able to learn.

Believe me, I'm as shocked as you are.I even know the area, having regularly visited relatives who lived only a couple of miles from the school.However, you have to address safety issues based on what is likely to happen vs. what something that is unlikely to happen.Schools only have so much money and personnel.

I wish there were a simple answer but if so it escapes me. We can do things to help but we can never be sure children of adults are perfectly safe. Insane people have used many methods including gasoline to kill even a hundred people. How can we prevent such things unless we can change the way people think and act. Someone around them must notice they are acting strangely or are mad at society. Maybe we all need to be made aware of the traits these people exhibit and stop them before they act.
It is easy to go for a solution that will not work but hard to enact one that will. We should really try for something that does more than make us feel like we are doing something about it.

Nope, I'm fine with the precautions that our schools have. If one really wants to commit these atrocities, one will find a way regardless of the deterrents.

Sounds like an expensive venture to install multiple doors on each school building not to mention if there's a second floor, where are those kids supposed to go.


anybody determined to shoot a room full of people could obviously shoot their way into the building in the first place, unless we're talking about making schools into bunkers with bullet-proof glass and armed guards at every entrance.(and then who is going to protect the kids against the armed guards?)or they can just bring their gun to the mall or the movie theater or the park or any of a thousand other places where people gather.are we going to have our kids live their whole lives in bunkers?

any death of a child is horrific.what happened today was heart goes out to those devastated families.but it's important to keep in mind that this kind of shooting is not just rare, but exceptionally rare.our children are in far more statistical danger of being killed in an accident on their drive to school than of being shot in class.that doesn't keep us from letting them get into the car.nor should our schools be devoting massive resources from their limited budgets to protect against something so incredibly unlikely, and that they could never fully protect against, anyway.

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