Survival tips for a July in Arizona?

Asked: Survival tips for a July in Arizona?

My church is having a missionary in Arizona for 10 days in the beginning of July and we all know it's going to be extremely hot, and I'm trying to learn some advice ahead of time. (I live in CA)

We're going to be in a poorer side of Arizona (where the indian reservations are) so there will most likely be limited or no AC, basically no showering?, no internet connection, and a whole lot of other inconveniences.

Aside from tons of suntan lotion, how should I wear specifically, what are some good tips you've learned from living in the heat, and just… WHAT DO I DO. Not sure if there's any hope of looking normal if I can't shower everyday in over 100 degree weather..

Any tips at all about surviving the heat or missionary advice is appreciated. thanks!


There are reservations all over AZ; whichone are you goingto ?

I'm so sorry for whatever pain is eating at you, but life is worth living. Please just see a therapist. You need someone who is going to listen to you and offer advice.

I just want you to know that once you do it, you can't take it back. It's over. So please think about this. Life is beautiful. You just have to look at the positives.

Please. Don't take your life. Go talk to someone. You are worth so much more than that. Talk to your parents or if you don't feel comfortable with them talk to a close friend or even relative. Don't take your life please

You deserve to live because everything falls into place naturally, the world however it was created was meant to be lived in until you die of natural causes. Don't kill yourself for no reason, enjoy life -the little things, be happy you can breathe right! Some people suffer from actual diseases and disorders, I have severe anxiety and feel like I'm suffocating half the time. Be freaking happy you are alive and don't take life for granted. There are people begging to live. Seek comfort in yourself, keep yourself busy doing things that interest you, so what if you fail? What is perfect in the end? Enjoy life be happy you can take a nap and feel comfy without waking up with ur heart racing. Stop being negative and accept life. If u are put on this earth why kill urself for no reason? The only ppl we punish with death are extreme criminals like serial killers and even they are sometimes given LIFE in jail. Calm down and take it easy. Read a interesting book, watch a comedy, help others, you'll feel satisfied.

But you ARE surviving – therefore you are FIT!The next thing you have to do is make your survival morecomfortable.

When things are especially bad, take things one at a time — a day at a time, a morning at a time, or even five minutes.A favorite movie or music can help.Many people get relief by going for a walk.Within reason, some extra food will lift your spirits, whereas alcohol, which makes depression worse, should be avoided.Don't isolate yourself.Talk with somebody, even if you don't feel like it.

Stay in touch with your feelings.When you have an unpleasant mood shift, take one or two slow, deep breaths and examine the thought that just occurred to you, in terms of its truth and its relevance to what you're doing at the moment.If you find yourself in a stressful situation, take slow, deep breaths until you're calm, then think carefully about what to do.Exercise has been shown to reduce stress.The best exercise is the kind you enjoy, and sports are especially good because of the social activity.It may also be that people with depression who tend to remain indoors benefit from increased exposure to sunlight.

Usually, people go into depression in a downward spiral of negativity in thinking and behavior, one leading to the other.Getting out of depression is an upward spiral of healthy thinking and behavior, one leading to the other.In some cases, medication plays an important part, but healthy thought and behavior are still necessary.It doesn't happen overnight, and it helps to be patient.A sense of humor is a big plus.

The most versatile treatment of all is healthy lifestyle.If you to go the University of Kansas TLC website, you can read about the lifestyle program developed there.It's things we all need anyway.It's low cost and low risk.Book – The Depression Cure by therapist/researcher Dr Steve Ilardi.

You can read a cognitive therapy book to find out about it.For some people, it serves as a good treatment of itself.The best one seems to be The Feeling Good Handbook by Dr. David Burns, the book recommended most often for depression by professionals.Another good book is the book on insomnia for women by Meir Kryger.

There is a free online therapy program called MoodGYM.Its offered by a university.


Politically speaking, who would most likely be capable of survival in a nuclear apocalypse scenario?


Russiawill survive, becauseithasbiggerterritoryandsoit isimpossible to cover100% of itby nuclearattack

Cockroaches – so liberals.

C)Nobody would survive a nuclear war except for those at the government nuclear bunkers.

The lucky ones…

The one with the greater desire for human flesh.

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