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Where to get supplies to shield against gamma rays for survival bunker?

Asked: Where to get supplies to shield against gamma rays for survival bunker?

Im making a survival bunker and i want to put lead sheets over the top of it and sides but where do i get thick lead sheets from? Also does it have to be lead? and how thich should it be? I want it to stop gamma rays 100%.

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Posted by sglant - April 20, 2013 at 4:00 pm

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help me with the answers i am stuck?

Asked: help me with the answers i am stuck?

1. _____According to the fossil record, at several times in the past, huge numbers of organisms have
disappeared suddenly, this is explained by a phenomenon known as
a. mass extinction
b. gradualism
c. genetic drift
d. punctuated equilibrium
2. _____A group of similar looking organisms that breed with each other and produce fertile offspring
make up a
a. niche
b. gene pool
c. population
d. species
3. _____The genetic equilibrium of any population may be upset by each of the following except
a. isolation
b. gene frequency
c. genetic drift
d. mass extinction
4. _____Related organisms may become less alike by
a. adaptation
b. convergent evolution
c. divergent evolution
d. artificial selection
5. _____Each of the following is part of Darwinian theory of evolution except
a. survival of the fittest
b. struggle for existence
c. natural selection
d. artificial selection
6. _____Lamarcks assumption that organs that are used increase in size while organs that are not
used decrease in size is summarized as
a. desire to change
b. analogous structures
c. use and disuse
d. passing on acquired traits
7. _____Occasionally, brief periods of rapid change occur between long periods of stability according
to the theory of
a. punctuated equilibrium
b. gradualism
c. convergent evolution
d. genetic drift
8. _____Lyells work affected Darwins thinking by presenting new information about
a. the passing of acquired traits
b. Earths age
c. overpopulation
d. artificial selection
9. _____The success an organism has in passing on its genes is
a. reproduction
b. fitness
c. speciation
d. evolution
10. _____A genetic change in a population will remain if the change
a. decreases speciation
b. decreases fitness
c. increases fitness
d. increases speciation
11. _____To demonstrate that microorganisms entered the flasks along with dust particles from the air,
a. broke off the necks of the flasks.
b. sealed the necks of the flasks.
c. added more broth to the flasks.
d. removed the broth from the flasks.-16-
12. _____The change in species over time
a. fitness.
b. adaptation.
c. evolution.
d. diversity.
13. _____The theory that organisms with the best adaptations and fitness will survive and reproduce is
a. natural selection
b. homologous structures
c. common descent
d. competition
14. _____The first major change in life on Earth occurred with the development of a modern form of
a. asexual reproduction
b. sexual reproduction
c. photosynthesis
d. respiration
15. _____Compared with earlier forms of photosynthesis, todays plants substitute
a. H2O for H2S
b. H2S for H2O
c. O2 for CO2
d. CO2 for O2
16. _____The sum of all chemical reactions that occur in a living organism is
a. cellular respiration
b. aerobic respiration
c. anaerobic respiration
d. metabolism

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Posted by sglant - December 5, 2012 at 2:00 am

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