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Survival tips for a July in Arizona?

Asked: Survival tips for a July in Arizona?

My church is having a missionary in Arizona for 10 days in the beginning of July and we all know it's going to be extremely hot, and I'm trying to learn some advice ahead of time. (I live in CA)

We're going to be in a poorer side of Arizona (where the indian reservations are) so there will most likely be limited or no AC, basically no showering?, no internet connection, and a whole lot of other inconveniences.

Aside from tons of suntan lotion, how should I wear specifically, what are some good tips you've learned from living in the heat, and just… WHAT DO I DO. Not sure if there's any hope of looking normal if I can't shower everyday in over 100 degree weather..

Any tips at all about surviving the heat or missionary advice is appreciated. thanks!

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Posted by sglant - February 4, 2013 at 6:30 am

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