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Disaster Management can be achieved with Unified Communications

Disasters and natural calamities strike-up in all sizes and that too all of a sudden, unseasoned. In the business communications world, it is very important to have business continuity plans because relief and rescue is possible but the business communication cannot be put to a halt. Moreover, your customers trust you to the core but it might be a possibility that your clients and customers might be residing at a place where there is not even a single sign of disaster and it is not safe for them if your firm does not employ disaster recovery mechanisms to stray away from these threats. And, just because you dont employ any such plan, you might be losing many potential customers. Henceforth, it is very important for you to have disaster management and disaster recovery techniques planned and well employed. Although, almost all of us know about this fact but it is shocking to know that some companies dont follow this and hence have not employed any back-up plan. Unified communications has been addressed as one of the most successful business continuity mechanism for the companies whose operations mainly depend on daily communication with the customers and clients.
At the time when a crisis occurs, people always want to ensure that the money they had invested is safe. If at such a critical time your companys telephone system fails, they might not be able to contact you and similarly you might not be able to them. The share holders of your company will get nervous and the value of the shares might scale down in such a case because people might stop trusting your company and you might experience high losses.

Ways in which Unified communications can be used in disaster conditions:

- Emails, instant messaging, conferencing keep you connected
Generally, if we talk about wired phones, most of the wires of the system get destroyed and thus the calls cannot be connected, there are other things like voice messages, instant messages, email and video messages that can keep you connected because unified communication supports all of these communication types.

- Access client data from anywhere, anytime and via any device
With unified communications, you can access your client data from any device and even at your home and it unifies all type of communications i.e. real time and non- real time. Moreover, your data lies on a secure repository that is contacted by the IP PBX server as per the request of the client.

- Wireless, Hassle free
The hosted PBX system is a wireless communication system and thus it does not have any hassles related to the setting up the system again. Whole of the communication depends on internet connection and transmits packet data.

- Saves travel time and money
A disaster leads to wastage of life, money and property. Thus, after a disaster hits a place, there is not much scope left for the business owners to spend on travel and visit their branch offices located in that area. He can just have a HD video conference with the office heads and discuss further plans.

Thus, Hosted PBX and its most appreciated feature Unified Communication are beneficial and advantageous to businesses of any size. By the disaster management and recovery techniques that these smart, feature-rich communication systems follow, not only the customers get assured that they will not have to suffer the halt in their communications. And, a business that remains unprepared about the coming disaster will lose business and suffer drops in stocks and share prices.

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