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Emergency Action helpppp!!?

secret Asked: Emergency Action helpppp!!?

1.If you are in a hostile emergency situation, you should contact everyone you know using as many telephone lines as possible.

A. True
B. False

2.When assembling a Disaster Supply Kit for a hurricane which of the following items should you include?

A. First Aid Kit
B. Canned food and a can opener
C. At least three gallons of water per person
D. Battery powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries
E. All of the above are essential for a Disaster Supply Kit

3.An emergency can be caused by:

A. Natural Events
B. Human Action
C. All of the above

4.If you are caught in a building that is on fire which of the following is NOT the best option for evacuating the building?

A. Proceed to the nearest fire exit.
B. If the nearest exit is blocked by fire, run through it quickly.
C. If the nearest exit is blocked by fire, use an alternate exit route.
D. If you must exit through smoke, stay low to the ground and get out as quickly and safely as possible.

5.What steps should Ben follow to prepare for a hurricane?

A. Prepare a personal evacuation plan
B. Assemble a disaster supply kit
C. Follow the instructions of local officials
D. All the above

6.Which government agency's primary focus is emergency preparedness?

A. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
B. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
C. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

7.You will always be able to see or smell a chemical hazard situation.
A. True
B. False

8.Which of the following actions would you NOT take if you were in a burning building?

A. If you see smoke or fire in your first escape route, us an alternate way out. If you must exit through smoke, crawl low under the smoke to your exit.

B. If you are escaping through a closed door, feel the door first and, if it is warm , use an alternate way out.

C. If smoke, heat, or flames block your exit routes, stay in the room with the door closed. Signal for help using a bright-colored cloth at the window. If there is a telephone in the room, try calling 911 and tell them where you are.

D. Try to put the fire out with water near you.

9.A train near Jasons house just derailed. The local authorities said it is carrying hazardous chemicals and that the local population should evacuate the area. Jason walks out on his front porch and doesnt smell anything unusual so what should Jason do?

A. Stay home
B. Evacuate the area
C. Call the authorities and ask them if he is really supposed to evacuate
D. Call his neighbor and see if she is planning to evacuate then decide what to do.

10.Having a plan in case there is an emergency is only important when you are at:
A. Work
B. Home
C. Car
D. All of the above

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