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Emergency Message System is almost a security system in your hand

Phoneticom emergency messages system can assure you of the best possible services available in the industry for tackling emergency situations for you. This emergency service provider of America does not only offer security for you on safety and public health, but also creates community awareness and different preventive programs for tackling danger situations. The services help you detecting or avoiding emergency message in a very effective but, simplest manner.

This life saving service is done in a very simple, yet effective way. You just get logged on to the site of and register yourself. The outstanding service of emergency message system is offered at a very economical rate, which is $14.95 a month. The billing is offered on the OAN page of your bill for the local phone. You need to pay a sum of $50 as soon as emergency services are allotted to you after signing up for the unique service of emergency messages.

You will have the authority to enjoy the services on emergencymessagesystem for 5 times each month. Different forms of emergencies can demand different ways of handling it. Emergency messages ensure effective handling of all such situations. You can dial the toll free number of 888-280-5444, during emergency situations and record the emergency messages you want to deliver. The moment your message gets received, it is broadcasted to 10 enlisted emergency contacts through email, phones or cell phones and different other means by competent employers at emergency message system. You will receive crisis alerts by email or phone calls provided by you. You will be receiving weather warnings, national terror alerts, and food- drug alerts.

In order to avail this service, you will have to visit the website of You can subscribe to the service of Emergency Message System service package by only paying the network through any possible registered payment mode. There is no hidden cost that can dig a hole in your pocket. So, you do not need to pay any extra cost other than the subscription of $14.95. The charge for the service will be billed for the company Phoneticom, LLC. The OAN bill page of the local telephone bill is utilized for the billing of EmergencyMessageSystem. It is to be noted that Emergency Message System and your local telephone company are not associated with each other. And once your payment is accepted, you are ready to use your account.

Emergency message system has designed their messaging system in a way that, you do not need to worry much, when some emergency situation crops up. You will surely find the near and dear ones around you, whenever you feel like, being with them. The message is sent in no time, that you might get help at the fastest possible pace. People usually lose their cool and lose the ability to think, in such emergency situations. But, if you subscribe to all your worries will rest in peace. You do not need to call individually all those whom you trust and ask help from. is the service provider who offers important emergency services to their subscribers on occasions when the subscribers need real help from emergency message system.

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