Tell me your zombie survival plan. Completely.?

Asked: Tell me your zombie survival plan. Completely.?

I have several, two main ones depending on the circumstances.
#1 If we hear about it but it's still distant
Contact my Zombie Apocalypse Team. Gather supplies that we can. Get the f!ck out of the city! and head home to the country. We could probably hole up there for quite a while, we live in a fairly remote location, on a hill, surounded by a fair bit of empty space, then a muddy sticky "moat" almost. Our neighbors all farm cattle and keep gardens, we'd be well off in regards to food. My family is a hunting family, we each have a gun and bow and know how to use them. If things get so out of hand that we have to leave, we head to the mine. There are huge tanks of clean water and dry rations there, which is actually something few people know about (my sister worked inventory for the summer). There are also large stores of fuel and giant trucks for hauling coal. When I say giant I mean a semi is probably equal height with the wheel. The bucket of these vehicles is more than sufficient to set up a base of sorts.

#2 If the zombies are RIGHT THERE
I live on the 6th floor, corner apartment. Right across and below me is a grocery store. It is assumed that at this point will be the major time of panic, we will just hole up for awhile until the building/floor is empty of other people and then go room to room checking for supplies, survivors, or undead. We have weapons, (such as a bat, hammer, katana, cleaver, could fashion a spear from kitchen knife and a lamp stand) so we would be fairly well protected. Unfortunately no guns or bows. Once our floor is clear we're safe. The doors lock automatically and are steel and open outward so there is little chance of them being forced open. We have a half concieved notion of rappelling onto the roof of the grocery store and going in through the sky light or vent. If possible we will then move to plan #1, staying in a city is not a good plan. I have little hope for us if we don't make it out within the first month.

A truly long term plan, as in survival of society plan, would be to go to the university. There are great facilities there, labs, green houses, bunker like buildings, and the whole thing is surounded by a railroad. There are also blockades that can be erected, flip up walls in the roads. There aren't many of them but they will help. Clearing the university campus and truly setting to work on rebuilding would take a lot more than twelve people though…
We still discuss it occasionally, but this is the gist of our plan icon smile Tell me your zombie survival plan. Completely.?


i have a katana (22 inch iron and steal), assault rifle, 22 k rifle, shot gun, sniper, and a machine gun, i have built a reliable nucular bomb shelter, that is stacked with everything i need to live.

so my survival plan would be to get my boyfriend and relatives to the shelter under my house, then every so often i would go out with my sniper and shoot whoever i see coming (zombies) then just wait it out.. and if it comes to it breed with my boyfriend to give birth to "normal" children so they can reinhabit the earth, but if everyne dies except me i'll have fun looting!! :3

satanists worship satan atheists worship nothing

satanism is the seeking of pleasure, where atheism is the seeking of reason and knowledge.

They're spelt differently (with some of the same letters.)

Do I win $5?

You could make the same argument about Buddhists and Atheists, since neither believe in a supreme deity either.While all those groups may not believe in a god, that doesn't mean that there's any other connection.I would argue that the way each group perceives their role in the world, as well as the set of morals that they use to navigate through it are fundamentally different.Simply drawing a comparison between two groups simply because they share one, single belief is disingenuous at best.

You asked this question a day or two ago and still you come back with it.I am an atheist and I am not a believer nor member of any satanist org or church or belief.What that man was trying to say is, just as atheists do not accepot the god concept, so do the satanists not accept that god or god concept.But we are not the same in totality.Atheists do not accept a god and therefore would not accept satan or that implication as well.

Both take more "faith" than the time tested, lovingkindness found from the Creator of the HOLY BIBLE, the all time best selling book in the world.

They are 2 different and unrelated things

I'm tired of explaining this so let me be very clear:

Satan is a character from the Christian bible. Atheists don't believe the bible.

Atheists don't believe in agod. This includes Satan.

Atheist values have nothing to do with the Christian character, Satan.

Satan=Christian belief, NOT Atheism.

Got it?

Edit: Satan is also not a wiccan, pagan, budist, or any other non Abrahamic diety, got it?

the definition of Atheism is: "a disbelief in the existence of deity" and/or "the doctrine that there is no deity" the orgin of the word is greek: the root "theos" meaning god with the prefix "a-" meaning "without" put together create the meaning "without-god"
Satanism encourages a belief in something while atheism is the strong belief that there is no deity.
Also i would like to make note that Satan simply means "adversary" and his job is not to drag people down to hell it is to challenge people so that they grow stronger in their faith. for example the story of god's best follower job.

But this has absolutely nothing to do with atheism and Satan, the Devil or whatever you want to call it is a Christian invention!

Why are you so ignorant of what an atheist is

More to the point if you do not know what an atheist is why are you so intolerant, hate filled, bigoted and persecuting towards them?!

ATHEIST -someone who does not believe in a God any God not just the Christian one.But that does not mean they do not hold strong moral or religious beliefs!They can follow any religion that does not have a god and there are a lot of those!

Like BUDDHISM Religious teaching from Buddha and his followers that by destroying greed, hatred and delusion (the cause of all suffering) man can attain perfect enlightenment!

in laveyan satanism, it is all about oneself. in his perversion of scripture, crowley said, "do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". however, there are different types of satanism, including those who worship satan as their deity.

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