What do I do with wheat grains?

Asked: What do I do with wheat grains?

So we have a bunch of wheat grains in our emergency food supply, (we're talking at least 8 big cans worth) and we have a wheat grinder and we've made flour, and we've also chewed the wheat grains in to a sort of gum (Alla' pioneer style) but I was just wondering what else I can do with the little things. I've seen cracked wheat cereal and all that kind of stuff, but what can I do with it at home without having to buy a bunch of special equipment? I'd really like to know.



If you malt them, you can use them to make beer, but you would need barley as well as wheat for it to work well.

The media has selective outrage, that much is obvious.hehehe




Fun Fact: President Clinton's military death toll at 14,000 was higher than Obama and Bush combined.

If that's true, you just made me like Clinton. The federal government does nothing but bring red tape and get in the way during those disasters.

Insurance companies rebuilt Homestead? You're joking right?

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Your tired of everybody blaming Bush.

Well we are equally tired of you blaming the media.

I love your made up facts. Andrew struck in 1992, Bush sr. was President in 1992. Cons fuzzy history strikes again.

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First ,you cons are getting desperate when you have to reach back so relatively far to dig up stuff like this .

Secondly ,a lot of the media angst about Katrina and how Bush didn't handle it was totally justified for again blatant racism was obviously rampant in the horridly inadequate response and what was said .

Barbara Bush the loud mouth racist mother of Bush said this about New Orleans and the Blacks right in the middle of efforts to pick up all the dead and rotting Black bodies in and around New Orleans :

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Where is the focus on Obama and a failed Fema regarding Hurricane Sandy and the horrific toll it continues to take on the victims?

Guess Dems don't care about Americans at home either who are still suffering in the 10s of Thousands.

Charitable citizens have been helping more people than FEMA our great BIG GOVT. incompetents.

Homes destroyed , no food, water, heat, utilities, gas, etc…Media reports it but does not ask Obama about that 15 minute response he "Guaranteed" in his Photo Shoot in NJ. The Obama promises have been a Colossal Failure.

Obama and his Press share the blame for their fake concern and non-effort to save these victims of Hurricane Sandy. The Press is corrupt. FACT.

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