Zombie apocalypse survey? ?

Hunter Asked: Zombie apocalypse survey? ?

You are in the start of the zombie apocalypse, answer the questions below to tell what you would choose:

1. ranged weapon?
2. melee weapon?
3. vehicle of choice?
4. shelter?
5. luxury item?
6. how many followers?
7. who?
8. how would you obtain food?
9. would you (still) have religion?
10. do you think you would last long?
11. personal survival tip?


OmegaSaiyan92 Answered:

Bob Answered:

killing some time Answered:
my ipod
quickly run to a liqour store and get as much as i can and put it in a bag or backpack or something
never had religion
knock down as many humans as possible

Reisen Answered:
1. Uzi rapid fire and hand held like a pistol.
2. Something blunt like a mace or something. Anything good for cracking and breaking.
3. Tank. **** yeah.
4. Bunker. **** yeah.
5. Water. Thank the gods. Or a flashlight.
6. Few as possible maybe 2.
7. GF, and another girl incase said GF dies. Then sympathy sex awwwwwww yeaaaaaahhhhhhh
8. Raiding stores when possible. Hunting.
9. Didn't have one then, won't have one now. If I make it through this alive I AM GOD.
10. If I had a tank and a bunker-FOREVER. Else however lucky I am and how well I hide.
11. When someone bleeding asks you for help you take their ammo and say good bye.

Bob Bob Answered:
1 Yes
2 yes
3 Suv
4 My house
5 My money
6 Anyone willing to come with me
7 Friends family anyone else I can trust
8 Go to Walmart and get boxes of food
9 Of course
10 Yes
11 Protect your kingdom

Shadow Traveler Answered:
1. ranged weapon? shotgun
2. melee weapon? sword
3. vehicle of choice? hummer
4. shelter? anywhere with no windows and an escape route
5. luxury item? can opener
6. how many followers? 3
7. who? hopefully best friend, my son and someone fast with a good aim
8. how would you obtain food? steal it of course
9. would you (still) have religion? doubt it
10. do you think you would last long? Yes, I fight dirty
11. personal survival tip? always check the back seat of any car you get in

meh Answered:
1. no
2. maybe
3. go cart
4. mountains
5. pillow
6. 5
7. family
8. hunting
9. yes
10. yes
11. be strong

MsBlue Answered:
1. uzi
2. sword
3. Helicopter
4. Trump Hotel. The zombie would have a hard time with the elevator lol
5. Nook
6. 4
7. Family
8. I'm in the Trump Hotel.
9. I don't know if I have religion anyways. But this wouldn't make me any less likely. If zombies exist, its not exactly any more far-fetched than God.
10. Yes, I think so.
11. Don't lose concentration, be alert

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